About Us

Over the past couple of years we at UK VAPE SQUAD Ltd have been building our signature range of eliquid by doing extensive research with our vape shops and vapers from the streets of the UK.
Our primary vision is to convert unhealthy smokers into vapers using our distinct recipes. As stated by the NHS Vaping is 95% Safer than smoking so go to our eliquid page and order yours now!  
Here at UK Vape Squad Ltd we are trying to widen the UK vape community. Whilst promoting our brand we also represent other UK brands and vapers as a goodwill service. 
We believe vaping should be affordable and therefore we are giving away free 10ml samples to all customers who place orders with us directly! 

Our History

We are a UK Family run business who have come from a background in Dealerships, Garages and most exciting background of Motorsport which spurred our journey into the vape industry!

Our CEO was a previous racing driver who had competed in high class formulas from a young age until reaching a close pinnacle of becoming a Formula One Simulator test driver for Redbull F1. 

Over the years in the motorsport industry the family had seen how many young talents had gone to waste due to diets, lifestyles and the main contract killer of SMOKING! 

We leaving motorsport wanted to get back into it and therefore started manufacturing our own eliquid which we showed off at most of the UK MOTORSPORT events from Karting, Drag Racing to The GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED.

Upon having such great feedback and marketing from outside of the ecigarette & eliquid industry we have now had the time to target the UK Vape shops by storm and each and every month adding to our portfolio with great success.

 We would like to thank everyone who has supported us on our journey and to every loyal customer with their kind words and keeping their promise to stay off the cigarettes!  

Spotted by - THE LDN CARTEL


  • The best customer service in the industry - All staff have 5+ years of vaping experience
  • Free UK delivery on all orders over £20
  • The best used ingredients in our eliquid with all reports supplied for accordance with the law and health governing bodies - UK VAPE SQUAD
  • Delivery Eliquid Service available in London upon requests
  • Wholesale account ordering and extra opportunities to be a part of the squad!
  • Worldwide International Delivery with Royal Mail