Lets Become Smoke Free!

The UK government has set an ambitious goal of achieving a smoke-free society by 2030, with a target of less than 5% of the population smoking by the end of the decade. To achieve this goal, Dr. Javed Khan OBE, a charity CEO, produced a report outlining several recommendations for the government to implement.

One of the key recommendations in the Khan report is the investment of £125 million per year to stop people from smoking, with £70 million of that funding dedicated to stop smoking services. This funding would help raise awareness of the benefits of vaping as a tool to quit smoking, as demonstrated in a study by Juul in 2019, which showed that switching solely to a Juul device reduces smokers' exposure to harmful chemicals by 99.6%.

Another recommendation is an immediate increase in tobacco duty, which would see a 30% increase in the tax on tobacco products and a ban on duty-free tobacco entering the country. This tax increase would not apply to e-liquids, making vaping a cheaper alternative to smoking.

The report also recommends reducing the appeal of smoking by limiting the packaging of cigarettes and increasing the number of smoke-free public areas. Juul has already taken steps to simplify its packaging and restrict its marketing to adult smokers, and its devices, such as the Juul 2, are ideal for vaping in public places as they are small and discreet.

Juul is committed to helping adult smokers transition to a cleaner way of living, and has taken steps to prevent underage use of its products, through strict regulations and guidelines for its stockists and efforts to combat counterfeit versions of their products.

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